The 90-Day Financial Empowerment
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You deserve the same financial eduction wealthy people have...

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We've included action steps and exercises to help you create a customized plan

To be wealthy, you’ve got to be able to manage your finances like a wealthy person does. That means getting to know your finances intimately and making changes based on what the numbers tell you.

The absolute first step to building wealth is understanding your finances and how they work. Knowledge is power, and it's time you feel empowered to control your finances, instead of them controlling you.

After this Bootcamp, you will...

  • Be so comfortable with financial terms like balance sheet, performing assets, liabilities, and net worth that you start using them in daily conversation like a nerd

  • Have a customized wealth-building plan that would get even Warren Buffett's approval

  • Feel a lot smarter around your smug Uncle Bob when he starts talking money at the next family gathering

  • Be savvy enough to analyze your finances and make adjustments so you can afford to buy your next smart phone without sobbing over the price tag